ESPRIT:  Our Lead Spirit Maker Mark Swanholm brings a lifetime of culinary, cocktail, entertainment and luxury product design experience to Chaparral Vermouth.  In his career he has: starred in a TV cooking show, designed signature scents for a leading aromatherapy company, bartended in dive bars, and designed food products for major brands- all while building a successful business career in high technology.  He is well known in the cocktail community – with first name relationships with many of the top bartenders in America.

DELIVERY: It doesn’t matter what you promise if you can’t deliver a consistent quality product.  With a calm, insightful and data driven approach Carla Casariego has led operations and delivery teams for over 16 years.  The numbers don’t lie and excuses don’t fly – things just have to get done and done right – and Carla never stops pushing for more efficient means to get better results, driving the bottom line and keeping customers happy.