At Chaparral Vermouth  our founders were foodies before that was four-letter word - and entrepreneurs looking for ways to bring their passions for new experiences  to market.  Over the years they always searched for two things – interesting flavors and smiles on their customers faces.  Sometimes they ended up with egg-nog all over the bar – and sometimes they fell down tired after serving hand crafted cocktails to hundreds of guests  - but they always pushed the edges to bring something unique that was a hit and had a story behind it.  Eventually this passion led to the realization that they could package these experiences up – and deliver these unique flavors to a broader market by leveraging their skills in business side-by-side with their passion for the products they had crafted.

They are also all Texans - native and adopted a-like - and when the chance came to make a line of Vermouths based on the diverse flavors of Texas they couldn't resist.  Using Texas Wine from their friends at Kuhlman Cellars the team created Chaparral Vermouth.- Based in the time-honored traditions of Italian Vermouth styles - but with unique twists that evoke some of most iconic regions in the Republic of Texas - these Vermouths promise to bring a tasty twist to your favorite cocktails or are pert-near perfect for sipping on their own.