San Antonio Cocktail Conference

Join us this week at SACC!

Mark Swanholm and Carla Casariego will be presenting a seminar tracing the history of Vermouth from ancient origins all the way to Austin!  Join us on Friday at 11:30am in the Sky Suite of the St. Anthony hotel for Vermouth: Ancient Roots, Texas Boots!  We will cover an overview of vermouth, trace the history from the earliest days of aromaticized wine to the formation of "true" vermouth in Europe to its modern incarnations.  We will also cover how vermouth is made - and the place it has in the modern bartenders repertoire.  We will share two vermouth based cocktails, as well as offer tastings of two of our vermouth varietals.  It's a lot to cover - so get there early with your boots on and get ready to dig in and get serious about vermouth!