Release Day!

"We shall sell no wine before its time." I've heard that phrase used in many ways over the years - starting in the electric 70's with those iconic Orson Welles commercials for Paul Mason.  The images of people with wide lapels and side burns toasting with Chablis seem super dated now - but that phrase stuck with me as a kid and has echoed through my life at various times, mostly ironically.  But FINALLY, FINALLY I can say that it applies as intended - because just as wine makers do - we at Chaparral Vermouth want to make sure our Vermouth is at its peak - ready to be sold.

Today we are happy to announce that our Batch 16 Vermouths ARE READY!  The time has come after years developing the right flavor profiles, perfecting our unique artisan processing techniques and bringing the right wine, herbs and honey together to sell our Vermouth!  For Batch 16 we are releasing two Expressions: Our Bayou sweet vermouth and our richly complex off-sweet Big Bend vermouth.  Available in both 750ml and 375ml sizes look for both Vermouths in Austin, Houston and San Antonio soon!

To our friends past, current and future!

Vermouth Maker, Chaparral Vermouth