Bottling Day!

Three years ago we set out to create products that built on centuries of tradition - with a modern and local take.  Along the way we did reams of research, countless trials and had more than a few tribulations.  But there is nothing like taking all of that and bottling it up!

On 7/3/2017 Chaparral bottled two of our Expressions: Bayou and Big Bend.  These are the first big (biggish) commercial runs of Vermouth in the state Texas to our knowledge! And first or not we think they are the best Vermouth ever produced in the state - and maybe in most other places too.  Not only were they produced and bottled here in Stonewall Texas but they are focused on Texas ingredients and flavors - unique Vermouths built on a familiar template.

The Vermouth needs to sit a bit, get used to it's new home, but as soon as its ready (in a matter of a few weeks) it will be ready for you to taste and share.  We are positive you will enjoy it as much as we do - and we can't wait to share it with you!

The Chaparral Team